Apply for Canadian Tourist Visa

Visitor Visa, also referred to as a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)  or Canada Tourist Visa, is an official document issued by a Canadian visa office that allows foreign nationals to enter Canada as temporary residents. If you wish to come to Canada for a temporary purpose such as a vacation, attend a meeting or special event, or visit family or friends, you may need a Visitor Visa.

The application process requires specific documents and candidates must fulfil the criteria in order to obtain a Visitor Visa.  At Dastur Immigration Services, we can help you prepare and submit your application to a Canadian visa office before you travel to Canada. We will acknowledge you once the visa office accepts the application and provides a multiple entry or single entry visa. You can then use this visa to enter Canada as a temporary resident.

Visitor Visa Immigration

Requirements for a Visitor Visa

1. Valid travel document such as passport
2.  Proof of funds for your visit to Canada
3.  ID such as a county resident card
4.  A letter of invitation from the person inviting you to come to Canada
5. Proof that you will be staying in Canada only on a temporary basis

6. Proof that you have ties to your country of origin
7.  You must be in good health (A medical examination may be requested)
8.  You must not have any record of criminal activity
9.  You must not be a risk to the security of Canada
10.  You do not intend to work or study in Canada (unless authorized to do so)

How Dastur Immigration  Services Can Help You

While the process of applying for a visitor visa may seem uncomplicated, but sometimes applications are rejected because of forms not being correctly filled out. With the help of our immigration experts, you can relieve yourself from the headaches of preparing paperwork and dealing with visa requirements. At Dastur Immigration, we are committed to helping you increase your chances of getting a visitor visa with our extensive experience.

Getting Started is Easy

Just fill out our self-assessment form and we’ll get back to you to discuss your specific needs. Or contact us directly for an assessment to see if you are eligible to enter Canada.

Frequently Ask Questions

Visa-exempt countries are United Kingdom, Australia, France, Japan, and Chile. If you’re coming from these countries, you need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before boarding a flight. The eTA is valid for up to 5 years or when your visa expires, whichever comes first.

If you are in Canada on a visitor visa and want to extend your stay in Canada, you need to get  visitor status. For this, apply at a Canadian immigration office. When you get a Visitor Visa, you’re given visitor status for a six month period. Apply for an extension before this status expires.

There are many countries whose citizens do not require visitor visas and they are Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Brunei, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, and many more. Contact our immigration specialist to know if your country falls under this category.

You need Form IMM 5708, also called Application to Change Conditions, Extend my Stay or Remain in Canada as a Visitor or Temporary Resident Permit Holder, when you want to modify some conditions of your temporary stay in Canada. Contact us to know how and when you need to use this form for your extended stay.

Most visitors are allowed a 6-month stay from the day they entered Canada. If the immigration officer authorizes you to stay for less than six months, it will indicate the date by which you must leave Canada on your passport. If you want to extend your stay, you must apply for an extension at least 30 days prior to the expiry of your visitor visa status.

A tourist visa is the term used when people intend to come to Canada to explore and enjoy a vacation. A visitor visa is used when people come to Canada to visit friends or family, attend events, or business meeting.

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