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Dastur Immigration Services

Expertise. Commitment. Value.

Dastur Immigration Services is a full-service licensed Immigration Consultancy based in Canada that caters to foreign entrepreneurs and businessmen, international students, working professionals, and candidates seeking temporary or permanent residence in Canada. 

At Dastur Immigration Services, we treat all our clients with respect by offering personalized services and one-on-one guidance. We understand your requirements are unique. Your case is different. That’s why we believe in serving you in the best way possible so we can make your dream possible. We work with you closely from start to finish.

Our one-on-one consultation helps us understand your needs and provide services that give you a higher probability of meeting your goals to immigrate to Canada.


We offer our clients the ability to fill out an easy self-assessment which is sent directly to one of our licensed and regulated Immigration specialists who will contact you to discuss your eligibility and immigration options.

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100% Reliable
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