Canadian Immigration for Caregivers

If you’re a caregiver and interested in immigrating to Canada, Dastur Immigration Services can help you. There are currently two immigration programs that are specifically designed for caregivers – The Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker pilots. The pilot programs were launched in 2019 after the closure of the Interim Pathway for Caregivers.

Our immigration specialists will closely work with you to help you understand the standard criteria and how to apply for permanent residence through the new caregiver pilot programs.

Caregivers Immigration

Home Child Care Provider Pilot  and the  Home Support Worker Pilot

  • Under these pilot programs, caregivers will get occupation-specific work permits instead of employer-specific permits. This will allow candidates to change employers quickly when necessary.
  • Candidates’ immediate family members can get open work permits and/or study permits so caregivers can migrate to Canada together.
  • Caregivers who meet the work experience requirements can quickly transition from temporary to permanent status.

Caregiver  Immigration Program Requirements

To apply for the new caregiver pilots, candidates must have a valid job offer in Canada, have at least one year of post-secondary education, and meet Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 5.
If you meet these requirements, you will be issued a  work permit  to begin your work career as a caregiver in Canada. Once you complete two years of work in either NOC 4411 (excluding foster parents) or NOC 4412 (excluding housekeepers), you can apply for Canadian permanent residence. If you’re already working in Canada on a work permit, you can also apply for permanent residence.

How Dastur Immigration  Services Helps You

  • We help you understand the entire application process for the new pilots. We help you complete and submit the application for permanent residence and work or study permits for you and your family members.
  • When you complete your 2 years working in Canada as a caregiver, we will help you finalize your permanent residence application.
  • We help you get the necessary documents and provide guidance on how to clear the CLB level 5.

Get Started

Want to learn about your options to immigrate to Canada? Complete our self-assessment online or contact us directly to know your eligibility and application process.

Frequently Ask Questions

The new pilots are different from previous programs as eligible candidates will now be issued occupation-specific work permits rather than an employer-specific work permit. Candidates have the freedom to bring their family members on open work permits or study permits. You can even change employers when required.

You can only apply to extend your work permit under the Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker Pilots if you meet these two criteria:

  • Your work permit was issued for less than 36 months as your passport was expiring, and
  • You now have a new passport

You can only extend the work permit for a total of 36  months from the date it was issued.

Under the Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker Pilots, there are three medical exams you need to take and pass. The first exam will be taken before you come to Canada. The second exam is taken after you complete two years in Canada. The second exam is to check if you’re still admissible to Canada. Caregivers’ family members are also required to take and pass a medical exam even if they’re not coming with them.

Initial applications to the new Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker Pilots will have a 12-month processing service standard. For finalizing an application after the caregiver submits work experience proof, a six-month processing standard will apply.

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