Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada in 2022 & How to Get Your Work Permit

Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada in 2022 & How to Get Your Work Permit

The job vacancy rate in Canada is at an all-time high now. There are job openings in various provinces and territories in Canada. There is a place for everyone with different career paths and skill strengths. While various jobs are in-demand across Canada, some job positions are consistently listed among the most in-demand jobs in the country. But, for a foreign national, you require a work permit to be eligible to work in Canada.

Canada Job and Industry Trends for 2022

According to Canadas job vacancy report from the first quarter of 2022, there were over 900,000 unfilled positions as of now. Sectors with the highest vacancies included: 

  • Health care and social assistance; 
  • Accommodation and food services; 
  • Retail trade; 
  • Manufacturing; 
  • Construction; 
  • Professional, scientific and technical services; 
  • Administrative and support;
  • Waste management and remediation services; 
  • Transportation and warehousing; 
  • Wholesale trade; and 
  • Other services

Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada in 2022

  1. Developer – One who can write, modify, integrate and test computer code for software applications, data processing applications, operating systems-level software, and communications software. With the growing need to rely on data and automation to remain competitive, businesses in Canada are looking for developers who can help them build applications or automate business processes.
  2. Veterinarians – In Canada, a majority of people are pet owners and lovers. So there is a high demand for health care professionals like veterinarians.
  3. Financial Officers – Financial officers like accountants and financial auditors are responsible for auditing, taxation, and handling issues related to finance in an organization. If people have relevant work experience, they are likely to be hired by small and big organizations as financial managers.
  4. Marketing Officers – Marketing plays a crucial role in any business in this changing world where everyone is accessing the Internet and spends most of their time online. The role of a marketing officer such as a manager and marketing head is to plan, organise, and strategically evaluate techniques to sell a product through either B2B or B2C channels. Marketing jobs are in high demand in all Canadian provinces.
  5. Project Managers – IT project managers oversee, plan, and implement a businesss IT goals. As the Canadian tech industry is booming, there is a growing demand for IT project managers.
  6. Cloud architect – As more and more Canadian companies are moving toward remote work or hybrid work environments, they need cloud architects to implement cloud solutions. 
  7. Electrical engineers – Electrical engineers who work in energy and manufacturing in Canada tend to enjoy the most competitive pay.
  8. Human Resource & Recruiting Officers – Canadian companies need an HR officer to recruit the right employees and manage their needs. If you have a business management specialisation in human resources, you might get the role of an HR officer in any Canadian company.
  9. Registered Nurses – As we mentioned earlier, health care professionals are in high demand right now in Canada. Due to a labor shortage during the pandemic, nurses have been receiving a growing number of bonuses and perks.
  10. Professor/Lecturer – Despite many immigrant professors, Canada still has a high demand for teachers. If you hold a doctoral degree or a masters degree in any specialization and have teaching skills and subject knowledge, you can become a professor or lecturer in top Canadian universities.

Work and Live in Canada

As a foreign national, you require a work permit to be eligible to work in Canada. To apply for a work permit, most candidates will require a Canadian job offer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). There are different types of work permits that you can make use of in order to work and live in Canada. Types of work permits include Open Work Permit, Intra-Company Transfers, Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Employer-Specific Work Permit, International Experience Canada (IEC), and Global Talent Stream.

At Dastur Immigration, we work with you to help you find out various options for immigrating to Canada as a temporary or permanent worker. Our immigration consultants will help you prepare your resume and application before submitting them for approval. We will help you prepare all documentation related to Canadian work permits and inform you about work permit requirements.

If you are ready to settle and work in Canada, fill out our self-assessment form to see if you qualify for Canadian immigration, or get in touch with our Licensed and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants for expert assistance.

This is not the final list of the most in-demand jobs in Canada. There are plenty of other occupations like securities agents, business development officers, welders, accounting technicians, customer service representatives, mechanical engineers, process operators, textile engineers, and information systems analysts that are popular in Canada and will continue to be in demand in the coming years.

If you know the most in-demand jobs in Canada and apply for a work permit quickly with our help, you will be able to transform your dream into reality. So get ready and contact Dastur Immigration today!

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