Canadian Study Permit for Indians- What You Need to Do Now for the 2023 Intake

Canadian Study Permit for Indians: What You Need to Do Now for the 2023 Intake

Indians continue to be the highest recipient of Canadian visas and permanent residency. According to data released by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), out of the 405,303 new permanent residents in 2021, at least one-third were Indians.

Students who arrive in Canada on Post Graduation Work Permit are allowed to look for jobs, and they can eventually apply for PR.

Securing a student visa for Canada is much easier compared to the US. India has a growing middle-class population with the necessary education, language skills, work experience, and settlement funds to be approved by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). That’s why more Indians are applying for study permits in Canada.

As we approach the end of the year, there’s no better time to start making education, career, and immigration plans for the new year, especially if you’re hoping to study in Canada in 2023.

Designated Learning Institutes and Intakes

 Designated Learning Institutes (DLIs) generally have three intakes throughout the year:

  • Fall Intake: September 
  • Winter Intake: January
  • Spring/Summer Intake: May

Application deadlines vary from one college to another, and international student deadlines can also differ from domestic students.  You should be as proactive as possible when applying for your preferred course or college.

What do you need to do now to get a student visa for the 2023 intake?

January 2023 (Winter) Intake

If you’re aiming for the January 2023 intake and haven’t yet applied for admission to your program of study, there could be some DLIs that may still be willing to offer you a place. However, it is unlikely that your study permit application will be approved in time.

May 2023 (Spring/Summer) Intake

If you’re aiming for the May 2023 intake, now is the time to apply to your preferred course and obtain a letter of acceptance from your DLI. You should be aiming to submit your study permit application in the next 6 weeks, to ensure it is processed in time for you to start your course in May. 

If you already have a letter of acceptance from your DLI, you should be starting the study permit application process now. Preparing the application and submitting your visa often require professional help. If you would like our assistance with your study permit application, the first step is to book a consultation with our team. 

September 2023 (Fall) Intake

If you’re aiming for the Fall 2023 intake, most schools will currently have their application process open. We recommend you apply sooner rather than later! You must submit your application now to ensure you are captured in the first round of offers made by DLIs. 


If you want to move to Canada from India on a student visa, we recommend you start familiarizing yourself with the study permit application process. Check out DLIs in Canada and which program you want to apply for. If you have concerns or questions about your study permit, or you want to work with us on your study visa application, you should start by speaking to one of our consultants who will be able to guide you through the process.

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