Canadian Student Visa Interview How to Ace the Interview Process

Canadian Student Visa Interview: How to Ace the Interview Process

Curious about the Canadian student visa requirements for international students? Millions of students from across the world apply for Canadian student visa permits every year. If you want to immigrate to Canada successfully, students need to obtain a student visa permit and they need to be aware of the Canada visa interview questions.

In this blog, we’ve shared some strategies for making an excellent first impression.

1. Why did you choose Canada?

The students need to mention the reasons behind choosing Canada for higher education. You need to explain why you chose a Canadian institution over those in your native country. Mention why you could not find anything similar to the course you are taking up in your country. Explain the quality of the university and growth prospects in jobs that you can access after completing your course.

2. Which program are you joining and why?

Before you arrive in Canada, do your research so you can answer questions about your academic institution and program. You need to speak about the course and curriculum of the program you selected. The benefits of studying that particular program should sound valid. You must also speak about why you feel you can excel in this particular program.

3. Who will cover the study costs?

You need to mention the source of your fees and living costs in Canada. Whether you are taking an education loan or your parents are providing you with financial support, you need to mention everything in detail.

4. What are the tests that you have appeared for and what are the scores?

You may have cleared tests, like IELTS, GMAT, or TOEFL. Mention the scores if you have already cleared the tests. If not, you need to confirm that you are awaiting the results.

5. Are you planning to return to your home country after graduating?

This question assesses your intention of staying or leaving Canada. Because student visas are non-immigrant visas, it’s important to share that you plan to leave Canada after your studies end. You can even mention how the study/program you learned would help to change the future field of work.

6. Where will you be living in Canada?

Mention the details of your accommodation in Canada. If you are taking a college dorm room or staying with your relatives, you need to mention that.

7. Where did you study in India?

Students applying for a Canadian study permit may be asked about the particulars of their undergraduate course and the college program. Mention the name of the college or university, the course, duration, and specialization. Do provide accurate details about your degree.

Canada Student Visa Interview Tips

Once you land in Canada, you need to participate in a short interview with a Canadian immigration officer at the airport. Here are some strategies to help you make a great first impression.

  • Be specific and don’t lie
  • Do practice interviews with a family member or friend.
  • Every interview for a Canadian student visa will be different. Make the most of each question.


The Canadian study visa interview questions hold a lot of importance. Based on how your interview was, you will either get a study permit or you will face rejection. Practice the answers. . Be attentive and listen to the questions carefully before responding.

Once you’re ready to apply for a study permit in Canada, you can contact Dastur Immigration. Our immigration consultants have years of experience and can help you prepare your documents, provide guidance, prepare the study visa application, and make your dream come true.

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